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The Streets You Shouldn't Miss While Visiting Charleston

I love being able to check new places off my bucket list and that's exactly what I did back in April when Greg and I met up with his parents to visit the oh so charming Southern city of Charleston, South Carolina. Horse-drawn carriages leisurely make their way down picture-perfect cobblestone streets, where colorful antebellum homes and Spanish moss adorned oaks are the rule rather than the exception. Though relatively small in size, Charleston offers…

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24 Hours in Chattanooga, TN

I thrive on a frequent change of scenery and while it's been nice to be home the past month, I was getting antsy for an adventure! With the goal of staying close to home yet visiting someplace new, Greg and I hit the road and drove two hours southeast to Chattanooga. This vibrant town on the Tennessee River, with a beautiful backdrop of the Appalachian Mountains, was the perfect solution for a 24-hour trip. Like most of my travels, the thing that sold me on…

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