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New England Farmstands & Lobster Dinners

Every August we head to New England for a week of fun and relaxation with Greg's family at their lake home in New Hampshire. It's always a wonderful time! One of our traditions during this week is for each couple to take a night making dinner - our meal always being a lobster feast! So, when our day to cook came around, I knew exactly where I wanted to head to get the items that would make the…

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12 Hours in Newport, RI

A handful of years ago when I was living in New York City, my mom came to visit and we went on a road trip up through New England. I have such fond memories of that week exploring quaint seaside towns, taking in the beautiful coastline and stopping at what felt like every Dunkin Donuts along I-95 for iced coffee and a box of Munchkins. Aside from quality time with her, the highlight of that trip was experiencing Newport for the first time, and I knew I'd make it a priority to one day return. During our trip to Rhode Island over Memorial Day Weekend, Greg and I…

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