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What To Do in Northwestern Montana in the Summer

If you've followed me for a little while you know that I grew up in Montana and it's my absolute favorite place to be, especially in the summer months when the days are long and the breathtaking scenery is at its peak. Because of my roots and love for Big Sky Country, I am frequently asked for suggestions on where to go and what to do in Montana. With over 147,000 square miles to explore, it can be tough to know where to start, so I'm focusing in on my favorite region…

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Canola Fields and Gingham

Each summer fields in the Flathead Valley of Northwestern Montana come alive in a brilliant yellow hue thanks to canola blooms. The sight of these seemingly endless fields set against stunning mountain peaks is one of the things I look forward to most when I visit my home state in the summer months. It's spectacular, especially at sunset with a fresh mountain air breeze and peace & quiet all around.I bought this black and white gingham dress at…

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My Guide to Whitefish, Montana

While August days are typically hot and sunny, the temperatures in Montana are known to run a wide range and can drastically change from day to day (like 40 or 50 degree swings!), so when the temperature drops in the Flathead Valley I enjoy to get off the lake and spend a day exploring. Aside from Bigfork, my favorite town in the region is Whitefish, so on a cool Thursday afternoon we swapped our swimsuits for sweaters and made the short drive up. Situated thirty miles north of Flathead Lake and thirty miles west of Glacier National Park, Whitefish is a western…

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