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Hotel Spotlight: The Baccarat Hotel in Manhattan

If you’ve ever booked a hotel in Manhattan, you know the process of deciding where to stay can be a bit overwhelming due to the city’s wide selection and variety of options. Whether you prefer uptown or downtown, a steal or a splurge, a hip boutique or tried-and-true chain, you’re sure to find a hotel perfect for your trip. If, however, what you’re looking for is glamorous luxury in the heart of Midtown, then look no further than the Baccarat Hotel!

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Timeless Train Travel Across Great Britain: My Journey on Belmond's British Pullman

I love seeking out unique travel experiences and this past year I’ve had my eyes on your not-so-typical train journeys. I had never given train travel much thought, but with it being Greg’s favorite way to get around Europe, I was curious what was out there in terms of luxury overnight sleeper cars - a way to take his preferred mode of transportation and turn it into the destination itself. After a little research I was instantly on-board with the idea…

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