Hotel Spotlight: Hotel Bachmair Weissach on Bavaria’s Lake Tegernsee

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Greg just returned home from a work trip in Bavaria, which I sadly sat out on due to how far along I am in my pregnancy (33 weeks!), so while he was off (briefly) enjoying that beautiful corner of the world, I was reminiscing of our trip to the same region exactly one year ago. It occurred to me that I never shared about our visit to Bavaria’s Lake Tegernsee, and with me going a bit stir crazy thanks to our already slower lifestyle, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to share about our trip there - and of course, the unique hotel we called home.

While planning our trip, I knew I wanted our time between visiting Neuschwanstein Castle (read here) and Salzburg, Austria (read here) to be spent exploring quintessential German villages, the ones almost out of a storybook where chalet-styled homes dot alpine meadows and lederhosen are worn unironically. With this vision in mind, I did a quick search on hotels spanning the 130 miles between our two destinations and stumbled across Hotel Bachmair Weissach, a modern alpine property that possessed the snow globe-like nostalgia I had my heart set on, on the shores of Lake Tegernsee in Rottach-Egern. Based off the charming photos and the fact that it’s a Design Hotels property (boutique and design-driven luxury hotels around the globe), I booked a room and am so glad I did, as it ended up being an unexpected highlight of our trip.

From the moment we checked-in we knew there was something special about this place. After admiring the Bavarian frescoes on the hotel’s exterior, we stepped into the lobby that’s just as much modern as it is traditional and were escorted to our room by a young girl dressed in a customary dirndl, making the Bavarian experience I envisioned come to life. Our room was inviting with luxurious linens on the bed and a neutral palette throughout the space making it contemporary and cozy. With fresh mountain air wafting in from the balcony, even in the room you captured the hotel’s simplicity and quiet admiration for nature.

As anyone who has been to Bavaria can attest to, the beauty of the region is not only found in the magnificent surroundings, but in the slower pace, which Bachmair Weissach fully embraces by making wellness a priority for their guests. The heart of the hotel, or “urban country club” as they prefer to be thought of, is the center courtyard where lush gardens and a mountain brook invite you to sit back and relax, whether that be on a lawn chair or from the comfort of your room’s balcony overflowing with geraniums. The property’s newest addition is the MIZU ONSEN SPA, a Japanese inspired bathing spa - the only one of its kind in Germany - that features various cold and hot water pools, a heated outdoor saltwater pool, steam and heat rooms, all set in a modern, yet elegant, Asian-inspired environment. It’s quite impressive and an unexpected contrast to the traditional Bavarian design elsewhere on the property. The hotel also offers yoga, horseback riding, bicycles which can be taken around the lakeshore, as well as close proximity to hiking and mountain biking trails with one-of-a-kind views.

My favorite thing about the hotel was the communal spaces peppered throughout the property. Since we unfortunately only stayed one night, we had a hard time deciding which restaurant to choose for dinner. While the sushi bar was tempting after many days of already eating regional fare, we couldn’t help but be drawn to the authentic and cozy parlor of Gasthof zur Weissach, where dim lighting, dark wood paneling and racks of antlers adorning the walls make you feel as though you’ve been transported back in time, while the reality is this is normal life in pockets of modern day Bavaria. It was the type of experience I hoped we’d experience and I could have sat there all night! The delicious food and beautiful design continued the next morning in the light and airy breakfast room which was also picture perfect. With views overlooking the garden and fresh baked pretzels on our plates, the last thing we wanted to do was check-out.

As we discovered during our stay, Lake Tegernsee and the town of Rottach-Egern is a world apart from the region’s main tourist attractions, like Neuschwanstein and the Romantic Road, and instead is where wealthy Munchners come to escape. Because of this locals-only-vibe there is an authenticity that you won’t stumble upon during a typical trip to Bavaria, but one you have to seek out. There are also no English signs or menus, so brushing up on a few key phrases before arrival won’t hurt. Rottach-Egern is small but full of boutiques selling high-end lederhosen, 300-year-old breweries and pretty churches. Unless you plan to relax on its waters or take advantage of all the hotel has to offer, it’s not the type of town you need much time in. We spent half a day exploring and felt as though we saw everything we wanted to, but its location on the banks of charming Lake Tegernsee and close proximity to Bavaria’s well-known towns and attractions made it the perfect stop along our adventure, and a place we would love to return to one day!

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No matter what time of year you’re visiting, you can’t go wrong with casual but put-together style. Jeans, sweaters and a waterproof jacket should be in your suitcase, as well as active clothing if you plan to take advantage of Bavaria’s nature.

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Tegernsee is an easy, one-hour drive or train ride from Munich, or an equally beautiful drive from Salzburg that will take you 90 minutes.

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Hotel Bachmair Weissach is not actually on the shores of Lake Tegernsee, but instead a 5 minute drive to the water. Trust me, once inside the hotel you won’t mind that it’s not lakefront and the hotel offers a shuttle service to their private beach during the summer months.

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