5 Favorite Travel Apps



I travel frequently and love having good resources for advice and recommendations, both while planning and during my trips. If you're going to travel, why not travel smarter? The right apps can be great tools for discovering hidden gems, experiencing a city like the locals, or providing tips for travel ease, but with the overwhelming amount to choose from, it can be intimidating and confusing to find the ones that best cater to your travel style and needs. So in an effort to help cut through the clutter, here are my five favorite apps of the moment.

  • G SPOTTING - Gwyneth Paltrow's company Goop recently launched a new travel app— G Spotting —that provides users with curated guides to 25 different cities around the world. The app's recommendations come from Paltrow's personal travels, as well as celeb friends, and are compiled into fun, detailed guides such as the New York City Hipster Guide, the Health-Conscious Los Angeles Guide, and the Un-Vegas Las Vegas Guide. Whether you're a first time visitor or a local, the app offers suggestions for everyone!
  • TABLET HOTELS - Hands down one of my favorite things to do - and do almost on a daily basis - is discover new hotels online for travel inspiration. I'm often drawn more towards a unique hotel experience than the location itself, so when it comes to choosing a property, the first place I turn to is Tablet. The company is known for their boutique and luxury hotel suggestions, offering a range of price and styles to suit a variety of travelers. I've booked numerous stays through their site, including our recent stay at Sugar Beach and upcoming stay at Hotel Ella, trust their taste and have yet to be disappointed. I always have a tab open for their site, so am super excited about the arrival of their app!
  • GRAB - Tight layover but starving? We've all been there. Grab is the perfect new solution to this classic dilemma! The app offers mobile ordering at airport restaurants across the country. Just pick a restaurant, order on your phone, walk up to the counter and grab your food. It's that simple! It also offers a great feature where you can open a map view and get turn-by-turn navigation to see which restaurants are along the path to your gate. Time saver!! The "order and grab" feature is currently only available in 17 airports, with more locations coming soon.
  • SIDEKIX - Want to avoid the same boring routes you always take and discover cool places nearby? Loved by locals and travelers alike, Sidekix is a walking navigation app that offers a selection of routes based on what you want to see and do along your way. Whether wanting to hit trending hot spots, immerse yourself in local culture, stop at the best shopping or eat at top restaurants, the app tells you the best way to get to your destination based on your interests.  It will even tell you the best-lit route to get you home if walking at night! Currently available for use in more than 100 major cities.
  • And just for fun... AM I GOING DOWN? For the nervous fliers out there, this app is for you! I'll admit, for as frequently as I fly, I still get anxious before boarding a flight. Recently my dad suggested I download Am I Going Down? to help ease my nerves. Plug in your departure and destination airports, as well your airline, and the app calculates the likelihood of your plane going down. I tested it out on a recent flight from Nashville to New York City and the results said I would have to take this exact flight every day for 13,993 years before there'd be issues! While it can't tell me what I want to hear ("Smooth flight from take-off to landing..."), it does remind me just how safe air travel is, which is pretty incredible if you think about it!

I'm always looking for new resources and suggestions, so would love to hear what travel apps and websites you turn to the most!

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