For those who know me it’s no secret that I overthink just about everything, from daily small details to life’s big decisions. And to be honest, I’m tired of it. To an extent it can be healthy, but most of the time it’s draining and unnecessary. So, in an effort to stop (over)thinking and start doing, I am putting my fears aside and taking the first step on a creative journey I’ve been wanting to walk down for years.

I work in the television industry, so by nature my profession is creative, but not always the outlet I need. I’ve been intrigued by the idea of a blog for years, especially in regards to travel, but have had a running list of worries that stopped me from starting. Do I want the world to see so much of my life? Do I have a distinct point of view? Am I just adding to the noise? Overthinking...

But for each of those fears or concerns there was a thought or idea that equally excited me. In my life, like most people’s, the most rewarding accomplishments and beautiful moments have come from stepping out of my comfort zone into leaps of faith. With this in mind, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s okay to not know the answers upfront and just give it a shot. I’d rather try and decide blogging isn’t for me than still have the same questions five years from now.    

One of biggest questions I’ve overthought is, “What would the name of my blog be?”. This question goes back years to when I was living in New York City and would constantly write down words or phrases that inspired me, but could never land on a name that felt right. Then, last year leading up to Greg and I’s wedding, a family member commented that our love story was like a tapestry- each of our individual journeys had knots and were messy and didn’t always make sense, but when you turn the tapestry around and take a step back, a beautiful picture is revealed. All of a sudden the details and knots make perfect sense. As soon as I heard that visual the word tapestry leaped out and became the anchor in the name I had been searching for.

So, today I begin to weave a new thread in the tapestry of my life. My Tapestry Heart is my platform to be creative, have fun, express and stretch myself. My hope is that it will be a source for inspiration, a lookbook of wanderlust, and a travel guide for adventures big and small. I'm excited to see where it leads and thanks for following along!

Tapestries are beautiful, they are intricate, and they can tell an amazing story. But if you ever look at the back of a tapestry, you'll see a knotted mess.

Sometimes that is life- a knotted mess that turns into a beautiful story. This is mine...

ABOUTCourtney Brown