Mermaid Tears: Barbados Beach Day




With this being our first visit to Barbados, Greg and I spent most of the trip sightseeing and getting a lay of the land. We encountered unusual rainy weather the first two days, but took full advantage of the sunshine once it peeked out from behind the clouds Monday morning by hitting the beach. We took a boat from our resort to a nearby private beach at Saint Peter's Bay, which allowed us time on the water and a great vantage point of the colorful coastline. Bajans are anything but timid when it comes to their use of vibrant paint choices, which make for cheery and inviting exteriors reflective of their personalities and culture as a whole.

In typical Caribbean fashion, the water in Barbados is absolutely breathtaking, comprised of varying shades of blue and aqua for as far as the eye can see! We stayed on the west coast of the island, which faces the Caribbean Sea, where the water is relatively calm and pleasant compared to the east coast along the Atlantic, where waves crash along high cliffs. The difference between the two coastlines is shocking! After a tasty breakfast by the water- consisting of all the delicious produce you expect in the tropics- we set up camp under sweeping palm trees and soaked in some Vitamin D. 

One of the first things I noticed at the beach was the texture of the sand. Though not overly fine or smooth, it was sprinkled with polished, fragmented sea glass, more charmingly known as "mermaid tears", of all shapes, sizes and colors. I’d never seen so much sea glass in a concentrated area before. It was beautiful! I found myself spending most of our time at the beach walking along the shore collecting pieces that caught my eye. Since we'll be visiting Barbados frequently over the next few years, I thought it would be nice to start a collection of these wave-worn remnants as a memorable souvenir from this season in life.

While I'm by no means crafty, there are some fun projects out there which put sea glass to use in unique and beautiful ways. Here are a few of my favorites: this bohemian wind chime; an airy coastal mantel; timeless jewelry; and a tiled tray for the bathroom. By subtly incorporating souvenirs from travel into your home, a richness and depth is added that can only come from adventure and personal experience. I'm looking forward to our next trip back so I can hunt for more of these tiny treasures from the sea and expand my collection!

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